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Kiln Dried Logs from sustainable sources

Logsandfuel based in Knutsford Cheshire. 

We are a family run business who closely monitor the source of our raw products. The majority of our local timber comes direct from the Forestry Commission. Where we import we seek out suppliers who have FSC documentation to ensure that our timber comes from sustainable sources.

At logsandfuel we take great pride in the quality of our logs and ensure all our Kiln Dried Hardwoods leave the site with less than 20% moisture content.


Kiln Dried Logs, Oak, Ash, Birch or Mixed


When you have your new fireplace fitted your stove fitter will probably recommend burning Kiln Dried Ash. Ash is known as the king of firewood and is often more expensive. Ash is a fairly dense wood but can be burnt relatively quicker once it have been felled, compared with Oak and other hardwoods. Since all our woods are Kiln Dried the necessity of burning purely Ash is no longer needed. We recommend a mixture of firewood to achieve the perfect fire. Kiln Dried Birch is the easiest hardwood to light so start your fire with kindling and Birch then build your fire with oak or ash. Oak is one of the more dense firewood's and therefore takes longer to become established. Oak gives a longer burn time than Birch or Ash.

Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs