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Log process.

How does a tree end up as a log for your fire?


1 .Trees are felled in managed forests, then collected through our contractors and delivered to our site for processing Managed woodland for logsandfuel
2. Once on site the cords(Tree trunks) are cut to 1m lengths. Pile of cord wood Logsandfuel
3. The lengths are then split through our Posch split master into billets. Tractor processing logs logsandfuel
4. Billets are then bailed in the bailer into 1m round bales. Round bale of 1m Kiln dried billets logsandfuel
5. Boiler bales are then stored and seasoned. Stacks of log bales logsandfuel
6. Once bales have been seasoned they are either then sold to biomass boiler users or processed to form stove logs.
7. Boiler billets can then be loaded on by one into our wood processor which can cut the length of the log from 15cm to 50cm. Bulk bag kiln dried logs
We weigh and test the moisture content of the wood along the process to ensure that the boiler billets are achieving the correct moisture content.