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Kiln Dried ash

Our kiln dried Ash is suitable for immediate use on open fires, multi-fuel stoves and log burners.  Ash logs burn quicker then oak as it is less dense however as it is kiln dried it does still burn for a long time giving off amazing heat and a pretty flame.

All our Kiln Dried Logs come from managed forest and we pledge to plant one tree for every crate sold to add to the benefits of our kiln dried ash logs.


  • Large crate of high quality Kiln Dried Logs
  • Oven Ready - Ready to burn if kept dry Should be stored in a dry store with air flow. (if they do get wet they soon dry out in a good wind and will burn well
  • Average moisture content of less than 20%
  • Log Length:  23 - 25cm
  • Species: Ash
  • Country of Origin: UK or Latvia depending on stock at time of order
  • Ideal for use on multi-fuel stoves and open fires, chimeras pizza ovens and many more.

Enjoy the fire from premium quality kiln dried hardwood oak logs fantastic flames and great heat output, you'll never go back to wet logs again

5% VAT applied on this product for domestic fuel use.