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The benefits of burning Kiln Dried Silver Birch Logs

Silver Birch is a native tree to the UK.
Its scientific name is Betula pendula.
Here at Logsandfuel we use both native and European silver birch in our kiln dried log production.
European Silver birch trees grow much larger and faster than our native species.
Silver Birch trees have incredibly deep roots this makes them a fantastic tree for improving the soil quality as it enables the nutrients to travel down the root system deep down into the soil.
Our UK stock of Silver Birch is supplied to us by the Forestry Commission. The forestry commission have stringent plans in place to develop and nurture their forests and thus ensures that our supply is a great sustainable source.
Our European stock comes from managed forests who have plans in place to replenish forests and develop their timber stocks.
Silver Birch Kiln Dried Logs make a great fuel as they are easy to light and produce a great flame and good heat output.
Birch Logs are great for starting BBQ, Chimeras, fire pits and pizza ovens as well as a whole host of other outdoor cooking ad heating devices.
Many of our customers start their outdoor cooking with kiln dried Birch logs and then add the slower burning Ash or Oak for a longer burn time.

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